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Stone Resources products:

  • Flagstone Chips,

  • Thin Veneer Stone (rare),

  • Patio stone, Ledger Stone

  • Mesa Boulders


Stone Resources has obtained a retail license from Flagstone Chips in providing their one-of-a-kind pathway chips and Rainbow Canyon landscape gravels.  Stone Resources owns it's stone quarries that reflect the beauty of our high desert environment.  The natural Veneer Stone significantly reduces installation costs in a variety of stunning colors.  The Patio Stone and Mesa boulders are also one-of-a-kind that provide character and variety in any western landscape setting. 

Stone Resources and it's CEO have been in the mining and mine consulting business for over 50 years and in addition to the operation of it's own quarries it is presently the mine manager for Mojave Gold, America's junior gold mining company.   




The minus 1/2 inch veneer stone (shipping weight 48 lbs per ten square feet) is the only natural stone thin enough to require no fasteners to hold the stone to the wall during installation.  The mason merely places the “Type S mortar” on the back of the stone, hold the stone against the wall screen for 20 to 30 seconds and the stone remains in place. The thin size and weight reduction makes installation easier significantly reducing installation cost.  This natural stone can be installed in a shower with an underlying waterproof membrane in the same manner as ceramic or porcelain tile.  No other natural stone meets these qualifications. 

$560.00 ton/ $1.34 Sq. Ft. $.28 lb
4.8 lbs = 1 sq ft.
48 lbs = 10 sq feet
1 ton cover 417 sq ft. 



We invite you to discover the simple beauty of these unique patio stones and mesa boulders, pulled from the rugged North Canyon in the Marjum Pass.  The stone coloring ranges from a "buckskin" to a "flannel gray."

  • Flat topped boulder

  • Sedimentary rock, fractured for decorative purposed

  • Variety of sizes, limited colors

From $99


Bridge on park
  • Line pathways or flower beds

  • Variety of Colors

  • Complimentary to Flagstone Chip pathway, flower bed, etc.



Flagstone Chips lay flat and easily compact. These miniature flagstones are used for drive strips, driveways, pathways, patios and are perfect for parking strips next to your driveway.  Provides twice the coverage compared to gravel making it more cost effective. We sell 1/2 cubic foot bags weighing approx 35 lbs each at $9.95/bag, supersacs and in bulk. Pick up at our rock yard: 218 Paxton Ave SLC (12 So. 3rd W). Delivery is available in bulk only ($99/ton - will meet any competitive price). Delivery charge is $50 for areas inside Salt Lake and $70 for areas just outside of Salt Lake (i.e. Toole, NSL, Bountiful, Lehi, Herriman etc.)

Flagstone Chips and Good Things Utah

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contact us

Stone Resources is located at:

218 W. Paxton Avenue,

Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101

(just north of the 13th South I-15 offramp on 3rd West). 

Phone: 801-706-3462

email: walterweston63@gmail.com